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Kayaking in SamoaSAVAI'I ISLAND
With a population of 42,000, Savai'i is the third largest Polynesian island after Tahiti and New Zealand. It’s also one of the few places on earth where you can truly experience the simple pleasure of life.

Savai'i is a scenic treasure trove, offering everything from a rich, unspoilt marine life and breath-taking waterfalls, to caves, blowholes and rainforests teeming with birds, other wild – but guaranteed harmless – creatures and health-giving plants. Probably the most dramatic geological feature is the Saleaula lava fields, where Mt. Matavanu erupted 102 years ago, leaving 50 square kilometres of wrinkly lava tongues in its wake.

Getting to Savai'i is easy – just hop on the ferry from Mulifanua Wharf in Western Upolu and 90 minutes later you’ll be setting foot on the island. Which, by the way, is also the last place in the world to see the sunset each day. And what a sunset that is…

Samoa is made up of nine islands, of which Upolu is the most populated, hosting the capital city of Apia.

Scenically speaking, Upolu offers an eclectic mix of natural riches that extend far beyond white sand beaches and blue lagoons. Well, of course there are plenty of those also, including an ample supply of excellent fishing, diving and surfing spots all along the coast. If you want all of this and more, just take a half-day excursion down the east coast, down to idyllic Lalomanu Beach. Or, if romance is on your agenda, you might just want to take the Cross Island Road straight down to the southern beaches…


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